Patient Testimonials

"I started seeing Debbie Reynolds in 2014 for Interstitial Cystitis. I had seen many different doctors but was still dealing with excruciating, daily pain when I went to my first appointment. Right away I knew my experience with Debbie was going to be different... She was extremely diligent and compassionate. For years I had seen doctors who were merely trying to treat symptoms, with little success. I was given a prescription, developed side effects, and then given a prescription for the side effects. It was a never ending battle and I felt out of control. Debbie's approach looked at the root cause of my disease. She is extremely knowledgeable and trained in complex diseases like IC. After only two appointments and some blood work, she started me on a dietary and supplement regimen. I was dedicated and compliant and in roughly 2 months, my life changed! I was pain free and, in addition, little ailments that I had ignored (due to IC pain) subsided. I was living with sub optimal health for so long that I forgot what it felt like to be healthy again. I had energy, happiness, and looked better than I had in years. I was finally taking control of my health again. I am no longer on prescriptions and maintain my health with supplementation and Holistic Harmony's Ondamed energy medicine machine. I get emotional writing this because I truly don't know where I would be without Debbie. I am forever grateful to have found her!! If you deal with IC, autoimmune, or other complex health issues, I would HIGHLY recommend Debbie Reynolds and Holistic Harmony. Thank you for everything!"

K. K. Omaha, NE


I heard Debbie speak on the topic of Adrenal Fatigue and contacted her in November, 2014. I was going through menopause, had gained a lot of weight and my life was stressful. According to my husband, I was not sailing through menopause as I had hoped! My libido was low and my mood was apathetic. I did the lab work Debbie recommended and came back to review the results with her a couple of weeks later.

The recommendations that Debbie made were changing my diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). I had my first BHRT pelleting procedure done in her office February, 2015 and quickly noticed a change with increase energy and libido. I incorporated the nutritional changes while taking the supplements and exercising regularly during the time that I received the BHRT pellets every 3 months. As of February 2016, I have lost 49 pounds! I have so much more energy, focus and a happy husband! I have my life back and I tell everyone how Debbie has helped me! I will be forever grateful...


L.F. Lincoln, NE