Functional Psychiatry

Functional Psychiatry means getting to the root of what is causing your psychiatric symptoms in the first place. It reaffirms the importance of the relationship in healing and focuses on the whole-person using evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

Functional medicine rests on the assumption that all systems of the body are interrelated. Problems in one area may be caused by an unrelated system. Understanding the relationships of each system to the other enables Debbie to solve the underlying problem that have puzzled others. All systems are assessed based on their role and function, including one’s gastrointestinal function, immune function (including infection and inflammation), detoxification and biotoxin burden, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, nutritional status and special nutritional needs, hormonal function, genetic and epigenetic function. This assessment is based on a very careful history, physical exam if necessary, and targeted laboratory testing. There is a mind/body connection that we can’t deny and Debbie is board certified in both areas of medicine.

Mental Health Disorders

Debbie has a functional medicine approach to psychiatry.  She was trained and board certified traditionally, but feels that medications are not the only answer to treat mental health disorders.  Debbie deviates from what is being taught in traditional medical school and what is being offered by doctors around the country. She believes that our current model is outdated and disempowering. There is a more powerful ways to take more control of your mental health than ever before.  Getting to the root cause of symptoms listed below is the functional medicine approach.  A client should never go off medication without consulting a medical prescriber and gradually weaning off the medication safely but before doing that get testing done on hormone levels, gut health, neurotransmitter testing, nutritional testing and genetic testing depending on the symptoms you have to get a personalized approach to psychiatric illness.


Bipolar Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder

Dementia and Memory Loss


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)