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How to become a patient at Holistic Harmony MedSpa:

If you prefer to meet our Nurse Practitioner, Debbie Reynolds, in person prior to deciding if our holistic wellness program is right for you, please schedule a 15 minute complimentary consult. At this consultation you are encouraged to ask questions regarding your health care as well as find out more about the philosophy of our holistic approach.

Your first appointment with our nurse practitioner is one hour. During this appointment Debbie will go over your medical history and symptoms with you, and come up with a treatment plan of what laboratory testing needs to be done to identify imbalances in your body. Please download and print the medical consent and medical history form to fill it out prior to your initial consult.

Once it is determined what blood testing is needed at the initial consult, we then schedule an appointment for you at Nebraska Lab Link, a locally owned laboratory located at 5440 South Street. It takes us approximately 2 weeks for your results to come back to us. You will schedule a 45 minute follow-up appointment to go over your results of your laboratory testing. The laboratories that we work with submit to insurance, however Holistic Harmony does not, so the consultation visit is not submitted to insurance by us. We will give you the information to submit out of network to your insurance company for the consult upon request.

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  • ONDAMED is a break through technology using energy frequencies to balance the body using biofeedback so the body can heal itself. Check out the on demand website at this link below.

  • www.ondamed.net
  • KANGEN WATER Change your water change your life! Please learn more about how alkaline water can help hydrate and balance your body by clicking on this link.